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IT Self Help

Detailed list of facilities in each room - opens an Excel worksheet. When it opens, click on down-arrow in the Building column and select MI to see rooms in MI Building.

Rooms with Lecterns

What's Available

  • Secured ceiling mounted data projector
  • AV Desk containing
    • Networked PC
    • Input for a laptop
    • Amp
    • VCR/DVD (which works through the data projector and not a TV)
    • Touch screen controller for the above
  • Fixed projection screen
  • One or more active whiteboards
  • One or more fixed wall mounted whiteboards
  • Four high-speed USB connectors
  • Telephone



Rooms without Lecterns

What's Available

  • Secured ceiling mounted data projector
  • Active whiteboard with touch panel facility
  • Master PC with DVD drive, with facility to connect it to the projector or active whiteboard.
  • Input for a laptop
  • USB connector
  • Extra power points
  • Telephone




IT Services provides support for Teaching Technology in MI Building. Support is limited to fixed equipment in teaching rooms (e.g. data projector, electronic whiteboard). If there is a problem with any of the Teaching Technology, please ring the IT Service Desk on ext. 2000.


  • Date: 6th September 2010
  • Last reviewed: 29th September 2011