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This page tells you about the teaching technology installed in MX Building on City Campus - the new Teaching and Administration Building.

Detailed list of facilities in each room - opens an Excel worksheet. When it opens, click on down-arrow in the Building column and select MX to see rooms in MX Building.

Teaching Technology available in:

Instructions for using the AV equipment in MX Building (pdf PDF icon).


All Teaching Rooms

What's Available

  • Ceiling mounted data projector in Dalen security cages
  • AV Desk containing:
    • Networked PC
    • Input for a laptop
    • Input for USB
    • Amp
    • VCR/DVD Combi
    • Touch-screen controller for the above
  • Fixed projection screen
  • IP Telephone

Note: Using an infra-red system, the projector automatically shuts down after 40 minutes if there is no activity in the room

MX Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre - MX004

What's different


MX 004 touchscreen and screen

Large Teaching Rooms

Same as the standard configuration - see What's Available above, plus a dry white board.

Window blinds controlled by switch on front wall.

Learning Pods

What's different

  • Technology enabling  projection on to a curved wall

MX Eliptical room


Staff Training Room

What's different

  • Touch-screen on the wall
  • Trainer's PC on the staff network
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Flexible seating layout
  • Laptops that can be wirelessly connected to the staff or student network
  • Trial of wireless data projector

MX Training Room

Staff Meeting Room - MX209

The same facilities as are in the standard teaching rooms in MX Building.


  • Date: 2nd February 2009
  • Last reviewed: 29th September 2011