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What is a roaming profile?

Your roaming profile contains your own software settings and user configuration options, e.g.

These settings are saved on a server when you logout, and are retrieved the next time you logon to any standard University Windows computer.

The files that roam with you are stored in two separate areas:

  1. In a folder called Profile in your My Documents folder (your personal file store) in your Documents library . Files stored here include:
    • Files stored on your desktop
    • Internet Explorer favorites and recent document lists
    • Internet cookies
    • Quick links and shortcuts
    • Downloads
    • Start menu

This forms part of the quota for your personal file store, which is where you can store your files, (the My Documents folder in the Documents library on a Windows 7 computer),

  1. In a folder called AppData\Roaming (accessed from the C:drive)
    • software settings and templates

The quota for this is 25MB.


Why do you exceed your profile space?

You can exceed your profile space if the applications you use save files into your AppData folder. As you work on the computer, certain files may be automatically added to your profile without you realising.

If you exceed your profile space, you get an error message:

Exceeded profile message

When you click OK to remove the message, the profile icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen changes to white cross in a red circle, (as in the error message).

You must reduce the size of your profile. The error message will keep coming back, and you won't be able to log out until you have reduced it. This is to ensure that any changes made to your settings are saved for you.

If you are close to your limit, the profile icon in the system tray changes to a yellow warning triangle Profile warning icon. You will be able to log off, but you should try and reduce the size of your profile.


What to do if you exceed your profile space

Please contact the IT Service Desk on internal extension 2000 or externally on 01902-322000 for advice about reducing the size of your profile.

If you exceed your profile space, a list of the files in your profile is displayed when you try and log out. You can also see them by double-clicking on the profile icon in the system tray (at the bottom right of the screen).

Standard profile icon
- Profile space well within limits
  Profile warning icon - Profile space warning
  Profile exceeded icon - Profile space exceeded


List of files in roaming profile


  • Date: September 2011
  • Last reviewed: 7th February 2013