University of Wolverhampton

IT Self Help

It is important to choose a password that cannot be easily guessed, and Microsoft offers advice on choosing a strong password.

Using a computer on campus?

Standard Staff or Student Network

If you are using Windows on a secure desktop, you can change your own password by logging onto a computer with Windows and selecting the Ctrl, Alt, Del keys on the keyboard, then Change Password.

Staff using a standard University laptop can also use this method, so long as you are plugged in to the network.

Wireless Network

If you are using the University wireless network, use the online form.

Wired Network in University Accommodation

Use the online form.


If you have problems with this, please contact the IT Service Desk on ext.2000 internally, or 01902-322000 externally.


Using a computer off campus?

If you are connected to the Internet, you can use the online form.


Services affected by the password change........

Services NOT affected by the password change........


  • Date: 9th August 2011
  • Last reviewed: 9th August 2011