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How to use your personal file store (PFS) if you are off campus and can't/don't want to install software on the computer you are using. If you are able to install software, we recommend you install the Webdrive software on your computer to give you easy and secure access to your personal file store.

There are a couple of alternatives to installing Webdrive:-

  1. create a network location or
  2. use an FTP program such as WS-FTP.

If you create a network location, you'll need to enter your username and password each time you access a file. If you use FTP, be aware that your username and password will not be encrypted when they are sent, so this method is insecure. So there are pros and cons with each method.

1. Create a Network Location

The following instructions are for a Vista computer, but are similar for XP.

A Network Location has now been created in the "Network Location" section of My Computer with the name you chose. (You can right-click the Network Location and select Send to... Desktop to create an shortcut to it on your desktop). Use this to get direct access to the files in your personal file store.


2. Use an FTP program

The FTP program used at the University is WS-FTP, which is also available on laptops loaned from Learning Centres. If you want to use it on a personally owned computer you can download it from this page.

WS-FTP Login Window

  • The Local System window displays files on the computer you're using.
  • The Remote Site window displays files in your Personal File Store (PFS).
  • Navigate to the drive/folder you want by scrolling down or by using the ChgDir button.
  • You can't work directly on a file in your PFS - transfer it to your computer or memory stick by selecting it, then pressing the left arrow in the centre of the screen.
  • Press the right arrow to transfer a file back to your personal file store when you've finished working on it.

FTP window

For more information about using FTP, see Getting Started with FTP.


Use FTP via a Web Browser

This method doesn't work for staff, and won't work with Internet Explorer vs. 7 or 8 as Microsoft have changed the FTP functionality. To check your version of Internet Explorer, open it, then select Help and About Internet Explorer.

Other web browsers, including Firefox, Mozilla and Opera could be used instead, although you may encounter problems.

If you want to try using this method:, where username is the username you use to log on to a University PC, e.g. 9933201 or in5555, then press Enter.

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  • Date: 11th August 2010
  • Last reviewed: 11th August 2010