University of Wolverhampton

IT Self Help

The eduroam network requires that you authenticate when you connect, as a home router does. However, in a large organisation it is impractical and insecure for everyone to share a single network password, so eduroam uses your IT account and password, using a system called WPA2-Enterprise authentication. There are different ways of setting it up on different devices. These are the most common ones:

University owned Windows laptop

The settings required to access eduroam are set automatically, but you must connect the laptop to the wired network at least once to get them installed. To check if this has already happened, click Start, then select Settings, Control Panel, Network Connections, Wireless Network Connection. Click the Properties button, then the Wireless Networks tab. If an entry for eduroam appears under Preferred Networks, then it is ready for use. If not, contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 2000 (01902 322000).

Personally owned Windows laptop, Mac, Linux, iPhone or iPad.

This works on on any PC running XP SP3 or higher, any Mac running OS/X Lion (10.7) or higher, on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 4 or higher, and on most versions of Linux.

    1. Go to the Eduroam CAT tool page. Click the Download button. It will ask you to pick the organisation you belong to, so select University of Wolverhampton.
    2. It will show you a list of different types of system. Download and save the installer for your system.
    3. Run the installer. On Linux systems the installer is a script, and you will need to change the properties to make it executable.
    4. When asked for your username and password, type in your University IT email address and your IT account password.

You can now join the eduroam network.


  1. Download and run the MyLogin app from Google Play.
  2. Select your country (United Kingdom) and University (University of Wolverhampton).
  3. The next screen asks for your username and password. For the username, type your email alias in the box on the left (the part of your University email address before the @) and select from the list on the right. Then type your IT account password in the Password box.

You can now join the eduroam network.


See this web page for instructions on setting up a Blackberry to use eduroam.

  • Date: November 2013
  • Last reviewed: November 2013