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You can either print to Multi Function Devices (MFDs) or HP LaserJet printers (if available). It is slightly cheaper and faster to print to the MFDs, particularly if you are printing in colour. You just need your University Card to use them.

If a PC has been set up to use PCounter, you should see a green triangle and a pound sign on the bottom right hand side of the screen.  The pound sign tells you your balance and the triangle pops up messages when you print to the colour laser printers.

PCounter in the system tray

Black and white printing

The MFDs will print on A4 or A3 size paper. The HP LJ 4250 printers will only print A4.

By default, the MFDs connected to Windows 7 student computers currently print single-sided in black and white. The default will be changed back to double-sided when our suppliers have resolved an issue with the printer drivers.

When you are ready to print follow these steps to print your work, as you would on any other PC:

Print double-sided on the MFDs

Colour printing on the MFDs

When you are ready to print in colour follow these steps to print your work, as you would on any other PC:

NB: All work printed in colour on the MFDs will be charged at the rate for colour


Linux printing

If you are using Linux you will not have this popup so you will need to use the web client to release or cancel your job.


What if nothing happens?

Check your email if your print doesn't spoolIf your work doesn't come out of the printer you are expecting then check your email as PCounter will send you an email telling you what the problem was, such as if you have run out of credit.

IT Services will also use your registered University email address to contact you if they need to offer any assistance, so please make sure you check your email if you have any problems.

  • Date: 14th November 2011
  • Last reviewed: 14th November 2011