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Multi Function Devices (MFDs) can be used for printing and photocopying in black and white or colour. They provide greater flexibility, faster and cheaper printing and better quality prints than laser printers.

Getting started with the MFD’s

Install the MFDs as a Network Printer

Before you begin printing to the MFD’s you need to install the group of MFDs as a network printer. All the prints for a group of MFDs go in to a print queue called a Pull Queue.

All the MFDs in a particular location are identified by the same Pull Queue or printer name. Installing the name of this group of MFDs on your computer allows you to use any of the MFDs in that location. You don’t need to add the names of each MFD separately, but just install one of the Pull Queues listed below as a network printer in order to use all the MFDs in the location listed.

Staff MFDs are usually in staff offices that are not accessible to students.

Campus Building Area Number Pull Queue Name
City North MH Building SHaW 2
  MK Building SAS 1
  ML Building Registry 1
    SHaW 1
  MM Building SAS 1
  MN UWBS 3 M4-PQ001
  MX Building 2nd Floor 3 MXMFD-PQ001
    3rd Floor 3 MXMFD-PQ001
If printing from an Apple Mac in MX use:



Lomas Street   M4-PQ001
City South MA Building   Arena Theatre 1 M1-PQ001
    Executive 3 M1-PQ001
    Registry 1 M1-PQ001
    SAS 2 M1-PQ001
    STech 4 M2-PQ001
    Drama 1 M1-PQ001
  MB Building CES - ODOS 1 M2-PQ001
    International Office 1 M2-PQ001
    Dean of Students 1 M2-PQ001
  MC Building LSSC 5 M2-PQ001
    SAS 1 M2-PQ001
  MD Building CES - ODOS 1 M2-PQ001
    LIS 1 M2-PQ001
    Registry 1 M2-PQ001
  MI Building ILE 1 M2-PQ001
    Registry 1 M2-PQ001
    STech 2 M2-PQ001
Science Park

PA Building

CIC Reception 1 M5-PQ001
    Technology Building Reception 1 M5-PQ001
    BCCSIP/EdP 2 M5-PQ001
    RSC 1 M5-PQ001
    BDE 1 M5-PQ001
  PB Building LSSC 1 M5-PQ001
Burton HBE Building SHaW - Admin Section Ground Floor 1 BU-PQ001
Telford SA Building ILE 1


    LIS 1 S1-PQ001
  SB Building Aim Higher 1 S1-PQ001
    CIDT 1 S1-PQ001
  SC Building STech 1 S1-PQ001
  SH Building BDE 1 S1-PQ001
    e-Innovation 2 S1-PQ001
Walsall WA Building


1 WA-PQ001
    SSPAL 2 WA-PQ001
  WE Building SED 1 WA-PQ001
  WG Building SED 2 WA-PQ001
  WL Building LIS 1 WA-PQ001
  WN Building ILE 1 WA-PQ001
    SED 4 WA-PQ001
  WP Building SHaW 2 WA-PQ001

MFDs in Student Areas

See locations of Student MFDs, which are usually in open access student areas. Staff can use these by mapping to the correct pull queue, but should be aware that it costs more than using the Staff MFDs. PCounter works in the background for staff.


See the detailed instructions on how to install a printer on your PC.

Using a Smart Card Reader

The SmartCard Reader looks like the illustration to the right.

Smart card reader

When you have sent a file to be printed on one of the MFDs, only you can release the print by using your smartcard. This is a useful security feature to ensure someone else does not collect your prints by mistake.

To begin photocopying or printing

The Display area will show:

1=Copy, 2=Print

Press 1 to copy or 2 to print.

Display area on smart card reader

Scan your University Card at the bottom of reader, over the area highlighted in the illustration to the right. This area may be marked in blue with the wording Present Card Here.

Note:If you have not pressed 1 or 2 after 2 minutes, the card reader will time out, so you will have to scan again.

Present card area on smartcard reader


  • Press 1 for copying
  • Scan your card
  • Photocopy your items
  • When you have finished, press the (red) finish button.
Smartcard reader


  • Send your file to the printer as normal selecting the MFDs' Pull Queue name.
  • Go to any of the MFDs in your location
  • Press 2 for print
  • Scan your card
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll through your print jobs to the one you want to print
  • Press the (green) enter/yes button to select your print job
  • Press 1 to print the selected file(s)


  • You can send more than one file to the MFDs at a time
  • The default is to print double-sided in black and white - see instructions below to print in colour.
  • The file stays in the MFD pull queue for up to 60 minutes, waiting for you to ‘release’ it by scanning your card.
Smartcard reader

Colour Printing

By default, the MFDs are all set up to print in black and white. You need to select the colour printing option from within the application you are using if you wish to print in colour.

From Office Applications

Select File > Print > choose the MFD Pull Queue then Printer Properties.

On the Setup tab, select the color option from the drop-down menu under the Color/Black & White field.

Note: These instructions are for XP/Office 2010 users and may differ if you are using a different package.

Printing all files sent to the MFDs

If you have sent more than one print job to the MFD’s and you wish to release them all at once do the following:

  • Press 2 for print.
  • Scan your card.
  • Press the blueFunction’ button
  • Press the greenenter/yes’ button.

To Delete a file from the MFD pull queue

  • Press 2 for print.
  • Scan your card.
  • Press the greenenter/yes’ button to select the file.
  • Press 2 to delete it.


Pull Queues

'Pull Queues' enable you to send a job to print as you normally would from your PC. However, rather than only being able to collect the prints from the printer you sent the job to, you can now use any MFD associated with the Pull Queue to print your work. So if the Pull Queue covers a whole building or campus, you can go to any MFD in the area covered to print your work, e.g. you could collect your work on the MFD in the same location as a meeting you're attending.

Pull Queues vary in size; sometimes they encompass an entire campus, other times, only one building. To find out which pull queue cover which area, please see the table above.


Problems with your smartcard? e.g. The reader will not read/validate your card.

Please ring the IT Service Desk on Extension 2000

If you encounter any of the following problems, please contact one of the key operatives listed by each MFD who have had training on supporting the MFDs.

  • How to use the MFD
  • The paper/toner runs out
  • You get a paper jam.


  • Date: 10th November 2011
  • Last reviewed: 10th November 2011