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Searching Your Desktop…and Mailbox…and Personal Folders

Windows Search is available on standard staff desktops and laptops.

Desktop search

The default locations that WS4.0 indexes for search are the following:

Index locations

The U:\-drive is your personal file store aka My Documents.

You can add other storage locations to be included in your search, but think carefully before doing so. Adding a location with a large number of files could have a detrimental impact on index size, the time it would take to create the index and any subsequent search time. 

To add another location, just right click on the magnifying glass icon in your system tray and choose Windows Search Options …

Select Index Now

Then add the locations that you want to be included by clicking on the Modify button

Indexing options

Browse to other locations then click on OK

Indexed locations

You can now search all of your main storage locations simultaneously using the Window Search toolbar from your Taskbar. Right-click on your Taskbar and make sure there is a tick at the side of Windows Search Deskbar by clicking on it.

Windows search deskbar

Search results from the WSD start to appear as you type your search criteria in the box.

Search results

Click on Search Desktop for a comprehensive search and ability to preview the items matching your search criteria without having to open them (including being able to view a PowerPoint file in presentation mode with all its animations!).

Search results display

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  • Date: 12th April 2011
  • Last reviewed: 12th April 2011