University of Wolverhampton

IT Self Help

The University has a staff wireless service, called wlvstaff for University owned staff laptops. This offers access to the same facilities as a secure staff desktop, such as Outlook, Personal Storage, and corporate systems, (so long as you have the appropriate software installed). It also encrypts all the traffic between your PC and the rest of the network, which means it is more secure than 'wolfradiolan'.

To connect to wlvstaff:

  1. We will configure the network for your laptop when it arrives. If that doesn't happen, please contact the IT Service Desk (01902 322000 or internal 2000) with your laptop’s ITR number. To find this – right click on My Computer, select Properties, then Computer Name. Once that’s done…
  2. Make a wired connection to a staff network outlet in the University (e.g. in your office).
  3. Log in using your University IT  username and password.


While you are logging on, Windows will configure your computer to use wlvstaff for wireless access. You only need to make the wired connection once.

Staff Wireless Hotspots

Wlvstaff is available in the same locations as wolfradiolan, except for University Accommodation. View hotspot list.

Your laptop should now connect to the staff wireless network whenever it is available. If you are in an area where it isn’t (e.g. at home, in student University accommodation or at a wireless hotspot outside the University) you can still choose a different network to connect to. However, where wlvstaff is available, your laptop will always prefer it.

Please also see the advice about swapping from a wired to wireless connection and vice-versa.


  • Date: 23rd September 2010
  • Last reviewed: 7th February 2013